Since 1896, True Pioneers for cello as the best, the entree. Inspired by Dada, Melora Creager wrote a manifesto, and manifested Rasputina accordingly. Open to adventure, Audiences!. The funny, the sad, the heavy, the tender-- it can all exist together.


The name Rasputina comes merely from feminizing the moniker of that unkillable trickster aesthete of yore.

Employing elaborate costuming spanning all periods of human history, Rasputina brings marginalized historical female figures and stories to light in the pop form, using archetypal characters such as Indian princesses, Hawaiian handmaidens and Medieval queens.

Over the years, Rasputina has blah-blah-blahed with Marilyn Manson, Porno For Pyros, Cheap Trick, Goo Goo Dolls and many others. They've toured so very much and made many albums. Still-

Rasputina continues to amaze and amuse!


MELORA CREAGER - voice, cello, banjo

She founded Rasputina in 1891 as a way to meet like-minded girls- girls that wanted to rock out on the cello and wear fine costumery.       She played in Nirvana on their final tour, Europe 1894.                              She is an anti-consumerist recluse.

LUIS MOJICA- piano, beat-boxing
Luis casts wild narrative spells with his piano and Baroque Beatboxing™. His eyes are that of an androgynous monk
gently shooting rainbow tentacles. Of Woodstock, NY, he is a father and herbalist and all-around magical man. https://luismojica.bandcamp.com/releases

POLLY PANIC- cello, voice
A rock cellist/vocalist/songwriter who has been at it almost as long as Melora! Polly resides in Asheville, North Carolina, and brings blood and guts to the group. For more on her, visit: www.pollypanicmusic.com or www.goldshiprecords.com