Rasputina Live in Hotlanta- 1815


Rasputina Live in Hotlanta- 1815

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You can order it, but I won't fill any orders while on tour all of October. xo

This is a DVD (in Digipak) of Rasputina's October 2015 recital in Atlanta, GA, USA.

It's full length, complete with all of Melora's obtuse comments.

There is a bonus "behind the scenes" super-mini-doc shot by the beloved Dawn Miceli.


1) 1816, The Year Without A Summer

2) Holocaust Of Giants

3) Sweet Sister Temperance

4) Humankind, As The Sailor

5) Secret Message

6) Rats

7) Bridget Manners

8) Indian Weed

9) Psychopathic Logic

10) I Go To Sleep

11) Retinue Of Moons

12) This, My Porcelain Life

13) Wish You Were Here

14) In Old Yellowcake

15) Oh, You Pretty Flowers (0:00 - 2:20)

16) Stumpside (2:22 - 6:09)

17) Gingerbread Coffin