Photograph by Anthony Grassetti

   Melora Creager is a cellist/singer/composer/performing, recording and graphic artist. Kansas born & raised, she moved to the East Coast in the 1980’s, where she attended Philadelphia College of Art & Parsons School of Design. Melora received classical music training as a child, but her performance career began with rock bands and East Village drag/ performance artists. Melora played cello for rock-band Nirvana on their final European tour in 1994. She founded the alternative/ historical cello ensemble Rasputina in 1991. The sound and visual concepts that began in Creager's Rasputina manifestos presaged and influenced movements and trends such as Steampunk, freak folk, corsetry, and crafting. In 19 recordings, and countless public performances, Creager has led a 20 year exploration in cello amplification, recording, and performance.  A pioneer for cellists in popular music, Creager was the first to make the cello the main (even only) instrument in a rock group. Creager is also an originator in bringing marginalized historical women and situations to light in the pop-song form. Melora resides in NY and has two daughters.